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Blue Marble Men’s Spring 2021

Anthony Alvarez was dreaming of the nonchalance of summer.

Anthony Alvarez drew on his dual roots to offer a collection inspired by summer escapes — between the energy of New York and New Jersey, and the indolence of the French Riviera.

He transposed psychedelic motifs — tie-dye patterns, paisley prints — on his resolutely sporty silhouettes, associating Neoprene with natural, supple materials like linen, silk and cotton in a color palette evocative of a vivid sunset.

The boxy lines, when contrasted with the hippie-chic motifs and hues, made for an appealing, feel-good proposition that oozed a youthful balance of insouciance and self-confidence.

His video, simple yet powerful, was a play on contrasts. The models fluctuated between casual nonchalance and formal runway walks, moving through a range of landscapes: a cornfield, a woodland walk, suburban train tracks and the streets of Paris. Finally, they set out on a boat trip and into the freedom of summer.

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