On the day of the 2024 summer solstice, BLUEMARBLE shines maximum light across its bold and unifying vision. Five years of creation beyond boundaries brings us to this collection, where we indulge our planetary fascinations like Pangaea and the Butterfly Effect as visual metaphors that bring perspective to the complexities of everyday life.

Since earth itself – our shared home, a tiny sphere from space – is an endless source of inspiration, we celebrate the Orbis Terrarum, recognised as the first modern atlas, as if the name of a favorite sports team, and use ‘Transcontinental’ to emphasize that we remain geographically connected outside our all-consuming digital world.

Notably, the BLUEMARBLE woman is now emerging with her own story to tell. Whether an embroidered shirt that she twists for waist emphasis, or through unexpected layering and high-fashion boots, she further embodies the multi-faceted character and inclusive ethos of our brand.

–Anthony Alvarez



To boldly go where we have not gone before...

" This fifth year of BLUEMARBLE has encouraged us to both play up the designs that define the brand and venture into new territory.

Kidlat Tahimik’s film, Perfumed Nightmare (1979), the story of a young Jeepney driver from the Philippines fascinated by the American space program in the 1960s, became a point of departure. The boundless curiosity that brings him to Paris and beyond felt like a parallel for our ongoing wanderlust while overlapping with my Filipino heritage.

As the famous description of the world from space, the name BLUEMARBLE reminds us that we occupy a single planet – a reality check that also underscores one of the most fundamental things we share as humans.

We can travel just about anywhere on this earth, but imagine if we could take a journey into the unknown? Thinking of Apollo 11’s historic mission and the lunar landing plaque, this collection began with naïve notions of peace and took on a funkier feel, fueled by optimism and possibility for the future. Even if no one is dressing for space just yet, BLUEMARBLE could certainly dream up our own trip."

—Anthony Alvarez


“A Ride Back To My Dreams”

As BLUEMARBLE arrives at its milestone fifth year, an exploration of individuality has become the single most recurring theme: a point of departure leading to open-ended creation, a snapshot capturing various influences from a moment in time.

“I have always been drawn to California for its overlap of skate and surf cultures, and for the forever-young mindset. More recently, I found myself fully absorbed in all the ways that locals dress to stand out.

People put great effort into building a story through unique pieces, yet their looks are completely laid back. It’s what we explore with BLUEMARBLE and what comes through this season: born from a West Coast vibe, developed in Paris, and discovered around the world.”

- Anthony Alvarez


The perpetual voyage that drives BLUEMARBLE is never about arriving at a single destination. Each collection is a vibrant admixture of places and stories, of memories and moods. Ideas and inspirations are personal, cultural, aspirational and even, sometimes, the stuff of dreams. This season, BLUEMARBLE conjures a high-energy wardrobe influenced by the carnivals of New Orleans and Venice – channeling two legendary celebrations where people shed their inhibitions and dress up as their most carefree and colorful selves.

The collection plays out with even greater emphasis on individual expression. Looks are composed of eclectic layers that reveal tactile materials and intricate surface details. Fake fur in a rainbow wash envelops reversible outerwear and spills out from flared denim. The brand’s recognizable wave pattern shimmers in sequin decoration, from the fronts of shirts to the sides of trousers that make up a pinstripe suit. Where tailoring appears relaxed, a lilac workwear ensemble splashed with beaded diamonds deconstructs the Harlequin costume as a contemporary statement.

“Not only was I drawn to the elaborate aesthetics of these two carnivals, I wanted to capture a sense of hedonism and a certain counterculture iconography,” says Anthony Alvarez. “While the clothes are removed from the realm of costume, they are elevated beyond the ordinary and show how embellishment can be worn every day. This is the essence of BLUEMARBLE.”

- Anthony Alvarez


"Every BLUEMARBLE collection is an exploration: inspirations, techniques, prints, colour, and above all, individuality. The idea is to arrive at a vivid, visual language from diverse influencesand perspectives, and a headspace that is at once free-spirited and grounded. That’s why this season riffs on different wardrobes: workwear, sportswear, and tailoring.

The pieces have a psychedelic feel – the BLUEMARBLE nod to the legendary Monterey music festival from ’67 and imagining that counterculture experience for young people today. But what also comes through is Parisian know-how, as the collection involves more crafted details than ever. It’s been exciting to push the possibilities, to create with curiosity and a completely open mind."

- Anthony Alvarez